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As a Florida resident for 50 year and living in the Florida Keys for 33, in which I served in the Fire service at NAS Boca Chica and Key West Fire Department not only have I dealt with major fires and emergencies but I got to experience the destructions of Hurricanes in the Florida Keys.
The predictions are that we will see more powerful and frequent Hurricanes throughout the coming years. I personally have lived through these storms and have seen the aftermath that these major disasters can cause after landfall. This is Fox-Blocks and Insul-Deck know the importance of providing safe and secure structures with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF”), built to last for your family. Regardless of the scenario, being prepared is the most valuable step you can take to keep you and your loved ones safe.
I have committed myself to produce educational videos on ICF construction, Jedi ICF Construction and Insul-Deck for community-wide advantages.
ICF building owners appreciate these advantages:
Lower energy costs due to energy efficiency built in.
• Sound-blocking ability creating a quiet space.
• Low maintenance due to mold, rot, mildew and insect resistance. No wood used.
• Increased security due to steel reinforced concrete walls.
• Disaster resistance with a fire rating up to 4-hours and wind resistance exceeding F% hurricanes and tornadoes.
• Cost savings with lower insurance premiums.
• Increased comfort and health benefits of improved air quality with 75% less outside air infiltration.
I have created a team to offer these ICF construction homes throughout South Florida and the Florida Key with Jedi  ICF Construction and Orlando Perez, Jr. Architects and Associates, who specialize in ICF construction, designs and engineering. Together with Mr. Glass Windows and Doors, we offer insulated BUNKER HOMES.
There are three models to choose from: The Key West – Single Level, The Sugarloaf – Two Levels, The Key Largo – for narrow lot applications
With All Aspects Inspection Services of the Florida Keys, I am confident that we offer quality Bunker Homes.

Jedi ICF Construction

Jedi ICF Construction specializes in ICF construction, Fox blocks and Insuldeck throughout the Florida Keys. For any questions or to further educate yourself on what we believe is the best way to build in South Florida & the Keys contact us!

Whether it’s a one or two story design that’s very familiar in the keys with modular homes, Insulated Bunkers of South Florida has designed several keys homes in 1 and 2 level options that you will find to fit lots throughout the Florida Keys. We offer custom designed ICF homes for any lot whether in the keys and South Florida.

Protect your investment from Hurricanes, build ICF…”Set it and forget it”.

For info contact:
Jedi Construction
P: 786-367-7334

For info contact:
Jose Vargas
P: 786-488-4403

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