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As we have seen in the last several years alone Hurricanes and names storms like the recent Michael, Irma, Maria, Charlie, Georges and the beast Andrew have done millions of dollars in damages. I moved to the Florida keys 32 years ago and have been dealing with storms ever since, shutters up shutters done. Hurricane windows have helped with all the boarding up and protecting your home investment but theirs still many other weak links within construction, the first being your roof finishes.

After being first in working in the Emergency medical system for the past 32 years seeing these devastations makes you wonder, theirs gotta be a better way and t’s simple, concrete bunkers and ICF type construction overall just makes sense.

With this site we will bring you educational videos on ICF construction, Fox blocks and Insult-Deck. Topics such as Concrete, Hurricane windows, Insulation, Energy and insurance savings of ICF. Home design with Cabarrocas architects and the builder Reef Harbour construction who specializes in ICF construction.

As a career firefighter and a Florida native I am convinced this is the way to build in Florida and the Keys and I believe you will too.


Reef Harbour

Reef Harbour specializes in ICF construction, Fox blocks and Insuldeck thru out the Florida Keys and South Florida. For any questions or to further educate yourself on what we believe is the best way to build in South Florida & the Keys contact  JC of Reef Harbour construction.

Wether it’s a one or two story design thats very familiar in the keys with modular homes, Insulated Bunkers of South Florida has designed several keys homes in 1 and 2 level options that you will find to fit lots thru out the Florida Keys. Along with Cabarrocas architects we offer custom designed ICF homes for any lot wether in the keys and South Florida.

Protect your investment from Hurricanes, build ICF…”Set it and forget it”.


For info contact:
Jose Vargas
P: 786-488-4403

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